Alex Kinchen (Hangul: 칸첸알렉스; Japanese: 金ちゃん 麻世), born February 28, 1990. He is professionally known by the mononym stage name : 칸첸알렉스. Alex Kinchen is a visual artist , 3d film director , singer-songwriter ,and rapper signed to South Korean label CJ E&M DIA TV (2016). The company will broadcast programs for introducing Korean creators on its global cable TV service "tvN Asia" available in 10 Asian regions such as Hong Kong ,Singapore ,Malaysia , Indonesia ,Taiwan ,Philippines ,Cambodia and Myanmar , South Korea and Japan.


Early lifeEdit

Alex Isidro (Ishidoro) Mayo Kinchen is a biracial Asian male visual artist. His father is American and mother is half Filipino and Japanese, alike to famous AKB48's Akimoto Sayaka ,and Maryjun Takahashi. Alex's maternal grand father is of Japanese descent , specifically from Okinawa and his maternal grand mother is Filipino from the Philippines . Alex was bullied as a child for being of multiracial background. Alex is a Karate expert thought by his teacher ,and his maternal grand-father Hirai,Ryo. Mastered Kendo , Karate , and Jujutsu. He graduated from Boston University. He majored in 3D Animation.

2007-2017: Visual Artist

Beginning in 2007 : Alex made his official visual art debut on YouTube in 2007 , with a 15 minute freestyle sketch of a girl in ballpoint pen. In 2014 , Alex created a digital speed painting of Park Ji-yeon during her solo debut in May 2014, when she released the single "Never Ever" (also known as "1 Minute 1 Second"). His speed painting received 10,000 views first day.

2016 –Present : Signed a contract with CJE&M , NO. 1 CONTENT CREATION & MARKETING COMPANY as visual artist the largest content provider in Korea DIA TV. NO. 1 CONTENT CREATION & MARKETING COMPANY with specialized broadcasting channels for different genres, CJ E&M's Media Content Division provides content optimized for diversified platforms. In addition, the creative digital content of DIA TV, Asia's largest MCN operator, and high-quality drama content from STUDIO DRAGON are entertaining customers with emotional impact. Through digital platform TVING, people can watch all of CJ E&M's content anytime and anywhere.

DIA TV is Asia's first creator-specialized TV channel. The channel communicates with viewers via interactive live broadcasting which captivates the younger generation. DIA TV is expanding its influence with the top creators' powerful fan base as well as their creative planning ability. 


Mini albumsEdit


Solo artist : Releasing his first debut solo album in 2018.

(Broken Promises) (깨진 약속) (kkaejin yagsog)

Released: TBA 2018

Label: DIA TV CJ E&M Music

Formats: CD, digital download


Speed-paintings on YoutubeEdit

  • 트와이스 TWICE 임나연 Nayeon


  • He received the nickname KinTown by his fellow classmates in Japan. [Kin town  from , Kin (金武町 Kin-chō?, Kunigami & Okinawan: Chin) is a town located in Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.]

Other notable nicknames : the Japanese name Ishii (stone well) or Isi means - rock , It is pronounced as iy-Siy and taken from Isidro / Ishidoro . Mayo , or Kin-kun from Kinchen "often used by girls in a cute way". His grand-father on his maternal side gave him the nickname ☀Kintarō "Golden Boy" "from the Japanese folklore of a child with superhuman strength , raised by his mother, Princess Yaegiri, daughter of a wealthy man named Shiman-chōja."

PAC Modern 

Alex had hoped to join PAC Modern , A division of the Pilipino American Coalition at the California State University Long Beach, PAC Modern Dance Troupe was founded in 1995 by a small group of friends in hopes of using dance as an outlet for expression of today's youth. Alex in 2010 retired from being a dance choreographer , and decided he would be a more successful visual artist.

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